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Welcome to the iBath

Hight Tech Bathrooms

These days, it's not enough just to have your bathroom re-fitted (well, not in the US, anyway), you have to go Hi-Tech.

Amongst the technical additions being specified these days are Steam showers with built in speakers, medicine cabinets which have TVs built in and of course bath tubs that vibrate in time with the music

Toilets, with automatic cleaning, heated seats, built-in speakers and, wait for it, smartphone docking stations (presumably so you can charge whilst you discharge)

Joined Up

Three Counties Business

You can now find us listed on the new website for local businesses, Three Counties business

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His and Hers

Bathroom Storage

Its seems that that lobby pushing for trans-gender bathrooms is garnering more support than it probably ought to. It is the LGBT sector who seem keenest on this shift (if the US experience is anything to go by) There have been quite a few reports over the last year of venues moving over to "his and hers" bathrooms, which is of course entirely at odds with the way most of us expect things to be.

We are domestic bathroom installers, and whilst shared bathrooms are fine for the family and friends, I'm not sure too many of us would want that in a public loo. I'm sure your average woman would feel quite threatened by sitting in a stall in a rather vulnerable position with a bunch of young lads outside the door. Likewise, most men (I would imagine) wouldn't want to be standing at a urinal as the women walk by.

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Bathroom Storage

Discover the art of organising your bathroom products. Find useful ways to store your toiletries and get more out of your space.

Bathroom Storage

Offset Baths

Designed to be built in, these baths offer a minimalist look whilst saving precious space

Offset Bath

Bathroom Cabinets

Give your bathroom a stylish new look whilst increasing storage space with fitted cabinets. Click here for a full range of Twyford cabinets from The Bathroom Doctor


Go Rimless!

The latest idea from Twyford is the Rimfree® toilet. With no rim it means there’s quite simply nowhere for germs to hide. Its ultra hygienic design makes it easy to clean – and with no rim shadow, the bowl looks cleaner and shinier. The flushing system clears away residue effectively and regular cleaning is simpler than ever before. Call us if you think this would be ideal for you



Keep Children Safe

The bathroom can be a hazardous place for children. You can make it safer by following these tips

1) Remove dangerous items such as scissors, razors etc. or at least keep them well out of reach

2) Store unused medicines in a locked cupboard

3) Set your water temperature to a maxiumum of around 48 celsius to avoid water scalding.

4) Place a non-slip mat in the bath to help prevent slipping

5) Never leave a young child unsupervised in the bath

Youll be glad you took no risks


Make Space In Your Bathroom

You can help make your bathroom experience much more enjoyable by de-cluttering. Why not consider the following suggestions from streamlining your bathroom.

1) If you are short on room, consider getting your door re-hung to open outwards. You'll be amazed by how much more spacious your bathroom can feel

2) Have lots of mirrors, large mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion of space, so your bathroom will feel much larger.

3) Leave as few items lying on surfaces as possible. The less clutter you can see, the better it will feel.

4) Get any units off the floor, Wall hung units including sinks, toilets and bidets will make things feel more spacious

5) Consider drawer units under your sink. They'll eat up clutter. Also try drawer dividers to help keep them in order

6) Finally, increase the lighting, particularly around the mirrors. Spotlights in the ceiling can be a great idea.


Stylish new mixer taps

Mixer Taps

Twyford has added five tap and mixer collections, the X50, X60, X62, X70 and X120, into its portfolio. The collections include basin mixers, mini basin mixers, basin and bath pillar taps, deck-mounted bath filler taps, shower mixers, and bidet mixers. All come in a chrome finish and are WRAS-approved.

If you think these would suit your bathroom, give The Bathroom Doctor a call


No Hiding Place!

With a wall-hung WC there is simply nowhere for germs or bacteria to gather. The WC’s hidden fixings create an uncluttered, streamlined finish in any bathroom setting. Call us if you'd like one fitted.


Trend for Quality Products

According to recent research, consumers are investing in bathroom products that offer longevity and luxury. People are moving house less often and consider their home as a long-term investment. They are more confident in their choice, demanding quality products which last.

Source: AMA Bathroom Market Report UK 2013-2017



Sheets on a roll

Roll up for the entertainment

The average number of sheets per roll can vary enormously from as few as two hundred up to a thousand. In general, there will be more sheets if it is one-ply and fewer if it is two-ply. Why not check your own rolls to find out what you've got?

This is because you are paying for the same amount of paper in each case and so the cost is the same - but you get fewer sheets for your money!

That said, there are no hard and fast rules. Some budget suppliers will produce loosely rolled paper with only two hundred sheets wrapped around each tube. At the other end of the scale there are huge rolls with thousands of sheets that are produced for use in public conveniences.





You can't do that!

The film “Psycho” was the first movie ever to show a toilet flushing – the scene caused an inpouring of complaints about indecency.


Bathroom Doctore for Bidets


Keep it Clean

In much of Europe, a bidet (shown on the left in the image) is considered much more hygienic than using toilet paper, though not many of us in the UK have one


Roll on the football season

An early seat of learning

Well, it was the Chinese who invented paper so it is little surprise to discover that they were the first to use it in their personal hygiene practices.

The earliest recorded use of paper as a toiletry comes from China in the sixth century AD but it only became really popular from the fourteenth century when the Imperial Court of the Ming Dynasty started having it manufactured for the purpose.

In 1393 the Court ordered no fewer than 720, 000 sheets to be made to keep the royal seat clean. The astonishing thing is that each sheet measured the equivalent of 60 cm by 90 cm. That's enough to cover about 55 Football pitches (and a the same time make a subtle statement about the standing of English Football these days!)

The Emperor Hong Wu was particularly delicate in his habits and ordered 15, 000 sheets to be made especially soft and perfumed for his personal use.

Christmas Toilet Brush

Thinking about Christmas!

Perhaps unsurprsingly, the Chinese make most of the low cost toilet brushes we purchase in this country, however, you may not have known that they manufacture them using the same machines they employ to produce artificial Christmas trees!


The Bathroom Doctor - Great Value!

Waste disposal technology on NASA space shuttles costs more than 23 million dollars. Best come to The Bathroom Doctor

What's in a name

People around the world refer to the toilet by lots of different names, including: loo, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, washroom, dunny, bog, khazi, litttle boys' room, garderobe, privy, cloakroom, latrine, water closet (W.C.), john and throne's room, to name a few.

Poetry in Motion?

The inventor of the flushing toilet was in fact Sir John Harrington, a poet and writer who lived in the late 1500s. He was a courtier at the time of QE1 who came to the throne in 1558 and was known as her "saucy godson". His flushing toilet toilet was known as the Ajax (from "jakes which was an old english slang word for toilet). The Americanism "John", used as slang for a toilet, derived from SJH's first name (so it is said). Here's a potrait of Sir John with the Queen.

Inventor of flushing toilet. Sir John Harrington from The Bathroom Doctor

Reading Time?

Did you know that on average, we each visit the loo 3500 times per year? That amounts to 3 years out of our lives. If you hadn't already got around to reading War and Peace, you know when you'll have time! But on a serious note, you're spending a lot of time there, so why not consider sprucing it up; call Bathroom Doctor on 01908 504951.

Bathroom Milton Keynes

Prospects for 2014

Ray Boulger, of mortgage broker John Charcol, says that he expects an 8% rise in house prices in 2014, based on the Halifax and Nationwide indexes. It's good to see a bouyant market, If you are moving soon, and your new bathroom isn't up to scratch, this would be a great time to consider a bathroom makeover. Call us to chat about how we can help make your new house even better.

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and welcomed 2014 in style!  We've had a very busy start to the year; it seems "a new bathroom" was a very popular resolution amidst the people of Milton Keynes! 

If giving your bathroom a new look for the New Year is something you're considering, give us a call, just for a chat to find out what we can offer you...  

Social Media Competition

In case you're wondering what the social media competition post is all about, it's Red Bear Marketing's £100 Christmas giveaway! One lucky winner will bag themselves £100 this festive season. To enter, follow the instructions here:

Christmas Social Media Competition

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